Cars & speed

I love cars and I love speed. Ever since I was a child. From building my own Lego cars to driving my own. First basic Lego cars, then more advanced Lego Technic cars, followed by Tamiya remote control cars and finally by cars from this German manufacturer with the 4 rings.

The creative and innovative minds of those who design and engineer these cars fascinate me. I am happy that they never stop innovating.

I could never decide between a normal car and a convertible as I enjoy the sensations, which both styles bring to my life. The comfort of a station waggon (a fast one) and the joy of a convertible driving with an open roof. There is nothing more relaxing than cruising with a convertible and exploring wonderful areas such as the Ticino, Piedmont or Tuscany. A perfect recipe for happiness.

I am so grateful to be able to experience and enjoy these sensations.