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About me

I am exploring this world in many different ways, expanding my horizon and trying to do more of what makes me and others happy.

Thank you to everyone, who is and everything, which is making this possible.


I turned one of my hobbies into my profession. What started in my kid’s room on an Amiga 2000, followed by an Amiga 4000 and later accompanied by a first PC, turned into a full-time profession, which provided me with so many experiences across so many countries, across so many cultures, across so many amazing people and employers.

Working with customers, partners, colleagues on challenging and innovative engagements drives me. I love creating success as a team and solving hard problems, which make a difference to the world.

I also enjoy the opportunity to lecture and mentor so many talented people. There is always so much to learn from each other. A further great learning experience was the writing of my software architecture book in German and English together with great friends and work colleagues.

Thank you to everyone I am meeting in my professional life. You are all so enriching.

If you would like to learn more about my professional life, visit me on LinkedIn.

Spirituality and the now

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create. This saying has a lot of meaning to me. Living according to this saying is what I am striving for. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t.

I am grateful for the people I meet on my journey and what they bring into my life. Some stay for long and some leave after some time. But they all come for a reason. The reason to learn and to grow. I always appreciate what they brought into my life, the experience I gained through it, the learning they provided and the growth opportunity, which they opened.

Studying and practicing spirituality supports me on my journey. So does focussing on the now, the present moment. The only moment there truly is. Listening to spiritual teachings and sharing with others inspires me. I am happy for the opportunity to learn and grow. Every day a bit more.

Travel & new horizons

Travelling is so enriching. It opens new horizons in so many different ways. You meet new people, experience new places, can connect with nature and simply be touched by everything around you.

That’s why I love to travel. Be it short travels, be it long travels. Be it local or abroad. Be it well planned or spontaneous. All of them give me so many new experiences enabling me to expand my horizon.

This is made possible by the great people, who join me or who I meet on the way. By the nature I experience, by the different cultures I am exposed to, simply by everything which makes a travel a travel.

There are so many travels ahead of me and I am grateful for every single one of them.

Sports & fitness

I always enjoyed playing outside as a kid. Be it soccer, tennis or any kids game, which involved movement and playing with others.

I am enjoying it still now. Running, snowboarding, and resistance training are top of my list these days. They not only support my body, but also my mind and my soul.

What I appreciate besides the pure exercise is the exchange with and learning from others: from my personal trainer, from my friends, from my colleagues. They all motivate me to achieve more. Thank you all for that and I am already looking forward to my next session with anyone of you.

Latte Art

When the global pandemic hit and the world was sent into lockdown, I discovered another passion of mine. Cafes were closed and there were no baristas anymore enriching my day with the perfect coffee and latte art.

Luckily there are people building amazing coffee machines, roasting delicious coffee, and sharing their skills of making latte art.

One day during the pandemic I saw this amazing offer for a coffee machine for beginners, I ordered it spontaneously, got coffee beans from one of my favourite coffee roasters in Zurich and started watching online videos about how to make your own coffee and create Latte Art.

I am still learning, but got better and better thanks to all those providing the necessary elements as well as my friends and family enjoying my creations. It is great fun and became a daily routine for which I am very grateful.

Fine dining

Due to my profession I may travel the world and explore new places. That’s why I got the opportunity to develop another passion, thanks to all of those great people creating delicious and extraordinary food sensations.

Wherever I go I try to find new places where people follow their passion of creating food sensations. Most of the time I am very lucky. You are not only treated with these delicious creations but also with great hospitality. Such experiences make any travel a pure joy.

Thanks to all those creative minds, great chefs, sommeliers, service staff and restaurant owners. You are making a difference and I am very grateful for what you are doing.


Fine dining and wines go hand in hand. I developed a passion for both. The world of wines is endless. There are always new creations to taste.

Experiencing these tastings with others who share the same passion is a pure bless. I remember so many amazing tastings across the world or simply at home shared with partners, family, friends and work colleagues.

To all wine lovers: thank you for being and thank you for sharing. Keep the recommendations coming and exchanges going.

Home cinema & high fidelity

I have always been fascinated by those big screens and breathtaking sounds in cinemas as they create such an immersive atmosphere and pull you right into a movie.

This kind of sensation created in cinemas opened my passion for home cinema and high fidelity sound. Creating an immersive visual and sound atmosphere at home and sharing this atmosphere with family and friends, makes me happy.

Being together watching an amazing movie, laughing together, being thrilled together, is just pure fun. So is listening to talented and passionate artists in high fidelity sound quality. These artists and the manufacturers of great speaker systems and other home cinema equipment are impressive. They make such moments possible.

Thank you to all of those and to those who joined me in my home cinema to experience and share these moments.

Cars & speed

I love cars and I love speed. Ever since I was a child. From building my own Lego cars to driving my own. First basic Lego cars, then more advanced Lego Technic cars, followed by Tamiya remote control cars and finally by cars from this German manufacturer with the 4 rings.

The creative and innovative minds of those who design and engineer these cars fascinate me. I am happy that they never stop innovating.

I could never decide between a normal car and a convertible as I enjoy the sensations, which both styles bring to my life. The comfort of a station waggon (a fast one) and the joy of a convertible driving with an open roof. There is nothing more relaxing than cruising with a convertible and exploring wonderful areas such as the Ticino, Piedmont or Tuscany. A perfect recipe for happiness.

I am so grateful to be able to experience and enjoy these sensations.